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March 28, 2013
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Nordics x reader

I tried my best not to let my limp body be dragged by the large Swede out of my messy bed, making tired, grunting noises all the way. My head still throbbed because of the party a certain dane threw last night. My breath reeked of alcohol and my hair was a sticky mess. But I didn’t care much about that. Right now, all I wanted was a good night sleep. Unfortunately, I am being forced out of bed by the Swedish man.

“Fine. Just let me get dressed and stuff…” I shooed him away. I felt his grip on my foot loosen and he walked out my door. “Thanks Ber.”


Once he was gone, I pushed myself up from the floor, grabbing the shelf beside me for support and regain my balance. I felt something damp on my cheek and reached up to wipe off what seemed to be my drying-saliva. I tried to fix the mess known as my hair, but it was no use. I just made it more twisted and tangled.

“Ah fuck this shit.”  The obscenity rolled off my tongue easily, thanks to my grouchy attitude. I let go of my hair and walked downstairs, not even bothering to change my clothes, or brush my teeth. As I opened the door, I was immediately welcomed by the scent of Tino’s special pancakes. Just the smell of it made me feel energized and awake already. My grouchy attitude earlier went away and I followed the trail which led to the kitchen-dining room like I was hypnotized, barely aware of my surroundings.

"Hyvää huomenta (name)!" The fin greeted gleefully as he handed me my plate. He wore the baby-blue apron I had given to him as a present, which read ‘best mom in the world’, much to Berwald’s amusement.

“Thanks~” I kissed his cheek in appreciation.

I walked past the small divider which separates the small kitchen from the dining room, where the Nordic family members sat. Berwald was in his usual seat at the head of the table, reading the daily newspaper. He took a sip from his blue mug which read ‘best dad in the world’.

Just in case you were wondering, yes. Tino’s apron and Berwald’s mug were matching. Like a couple shirt, but weren't garments (except maybe for Tino’s apron). I bought them as a pair in the mall and gave it to them last Christmas.

“Sorry you had to pull me out of bed…” I said reluctantly. He replied with his usual ‘Nn.’ and pat me on the head like any good father or older brother would do –sort of. I kissed his cheek and ruffled his hair with my free hand. Even though others say he’s intimidating, that didn’t stop me from having this brother-sister like relationship with him. He would sometimes show his nice-friendly side if he’s really happy, which made me less intimidated or scared in trying to become close friends with him.

“What, no kiss for me?” I heard Mathias say from the other end of the table. His shit-eating grin plastered on his face, making you want to slap him and hug him at the same time because of his dorky ways. Adorable-dorky ways. Adorkable ways.

Dafuq am I even thinking?

Bror, don’t ask for such things.” Lukas said monotonously.
“plus, (name) might get sick or something.” He took a sip from his mug

“Naaah. (name)’s already immune to my awesome kisses. Isn’t that right~” Mathias’ eyebrows wiggled suggestively.

“Whatever.” I kissed him anyways. But instead of the kiss landing on his cheek, my lips met with his.

“Ah, my daily dose of vitamin (name) is what I look forward to every morning. I must be lucky today, your lips taste like beer!” He chuckled

I slapped the back of his head as revenge for his statement and the party he threw last night. I walked over to Lukas and kissed his cheek. My eyes must have been playing some trick on me. I could’ve sworn I saw his mouth twitch into some sort of smile.

Don’t ask for such things he said..” I heard Mathias mumble bitterly. I laughed at his childishness and patted his head, kissing him again, this time on the cheek.

I had suddenly remembered the plate of Tino’s pancakes in my hand. They were probably cold now… (lol, not really, but I had to make you dispose of it somehow)

'Matthew would have killed me for this.'

I look at the food dejectedly and thought twice if I should still eat it or not. I stuffed one of them in my mouth and gave the rest to Hanatamago, who just so happens to be pawing my foot, asking for food.

“Where’s Emil?” I said with a stuffed mouth

“He’s up in his room, still sleeping I guess.” Lukas replied

You nodded and ran to said man’s room, chewing as you went. Swallowin the last bit of food in your mouth, you preceded to open the door, knowing he was still asleep.. Or so you thought.



You slammed the door shut and pressed your back to it, sliding down to your bum.
The image of the topless icelander had invaded your mind and you shook it away, trying to get rid of the blush which was clearly seen on your face. You fell flat on your back as he opened his bedroom door.

“What are you doing there..” he asked. He now had a shirt on- thank god. His cheeks were tinted with pink and his facial expression showed frustration and embarrassment. You stood up and fixed yourself, dusting off the dirt that got on your shirt.

“I- um, came to tell you- uh, B-breakfast is ready.” You looked to the side to hide your embarrassment. “Sorry, I didn’t knock…”

He leaned on his doorframe for a few seconds and stared at you. The attention made you want to curl up in a ball and hide away forever. He leaned closer to your face and kissed your cheek.

“It’s okay.” He mumbled
“Thanks. Good morning.”

He stepped to the side and walked downstairs where breakfast was waiting for him. His puffin followed soon after. You still stood there in your place, staring at the ground with a flushed face.

“G-good morning…”

*~*~* DAS ENDE *~*~*
Creative title. I know.

Here you go! A Nordicsxreader fic.
Although it looked more of an icelandxreader in the end -_-

hyvää huomenta - good morning (in finnish :3) [according to google translate :P]

Enjoy! Fave, comment, download, and stuff.

Nordics, Hetalia | Hidekaz Himaruya
Story | Moi
preview pic | idk.
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